Top 10 Foods that Make You Beautiful

In our modern world we are pretty much addicted to Fast food .Because of being busier, we are always in search of a shortcut way. So we always prefer fast food more than homemade foods. Fast food is so much harmful to health such as it causes indigestion, acidity & increases extra oil in our skin, also damages our body parts. Our food habit affects not only on our health but also on our beauty. Our irregular food habit and modern lifestyle decrease our beauty like it creates pimples, black heads, white heads, extra oil, hair-fall, dullness on skin. Then we rush to the Beauty salon/parlor to get rid of all these problems. We spent a lot of money for a beautiful skin but we don't get any solution. Some of us consults a Dermatologist to get proper treatment, we gone through by surgery, Laser treatment & have to take a lots medicines. We lost our money, health, time to get a beautiful and healthy skin but we don't get the proper natural beautiful and healthy skin. If we become a little bit conscious about our diet chart and follow a balanced diet we can get a healthy and beautiful skin. There is a lots of food that really makes us beautiful.

foods that make you more beautiful

Eat These 10 Foods to be More Beautiful:

1. Honey:

Honey is the most natural sweetest things that is really profitable for both health and beauty. Every morning if you take 2 tsp of honey with a glass of warm water, it will really help you to have a beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. It's a very useful food that also increase body energy .Honey also removes extra fat from body. You can also apply a 1 tsp of honey on your wet skin for 20 minutes then wash it off with cool water. It will help you to remove dark spots from skin. You will feel an immediate glowing healthy skin.

2. Almond:

Almond contains a lots of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins which is useful to healthy and beautiful skin. If you take 4-10 pieces of almonds everyday it will make your skin healthy and glowing. Almond works like anti-ageing formula. The person who eats almonds everyday will be more intelligent than others. As it contains a lots pf carbohydrate protein it will make your body energetic and will give you a healthy life.

3. Green Apple:

Green Apple is a huge source of vitamin "A", "C”. Our skin needs a lots of vitamin a & vitamin c. If u eat a green apple everyday your skin will be more healthy, glowing and youthful. Green Apple is such a fruit without it a balanced diet cannot be fulfilled .If you add green apple to your daily routine your teeth will be strong and beautiful. It will help you to control your blood pressure. It doesn't have fat thus it will help you to control your diet. It is very much helpful to get rid of migraine pain.

4. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a healthy food which is helpful to make you beautiful and healthy. In your breakfast oatmeal is the best food that you can eat .Oatmeal makes your skin glowing and helps you to have a healthy life. Oatmeal contains a lot of carbohydrate, protein, fiber which are beneficial to make you beautiful .It also lessen your fat and gives you a perfect body shape. So you can add oatmeal to your balanced diet undouble.

5. Carrots:

Carrots is an orange color beautiful vegetable so child or older ones always is attracted to eat it. A balanced diet is incomplete without carrots. It contains a lot of vitamin "A”. Eating carrots everyday will give you a beautiful, healthy, glowing and spotless skin. Chewing carrots everyday refreshes mind, makes your teeth stronger and white. Eating carrots every day lessen your depression.

6. Milk:

Milk is a drink of a lots of vitamins and minerals. If you drink milk everyday your skin will be healthier, glowing and fair. Milk helps you to remove dullness from skin. Milk contains Iron, Calcium and lots of vitamins so it also makes bones stronger and gives a lots of strength. In a daily routine milk makes a balanced diet that gives you a healthy and beautiful skin.

7. Banana:

Banana is a fruit that really works for spotless glowing skin .Banana is a huge source of vitamin B so eating banana everyday gives you a fresh skin that you have always admired. You can also apply crushed banana on your face to get rid of acnes, scar, spot and black heads. It also energies your body cause it contains a lot of iron. Banana is very well known to get rid of headache and decreases depression as it increases oxygen consumption.

8. Green tea:

Green tea is a popular drink that we drinks often. In a balanced diet green tea's advantage knows no bound. Green tea is a refreshment drink which everyday drinking will make your skin fair and spotless. You can also apply it on your face for scrubbing. Mix 1 tsp of green tea and 1 tsp of honey very well then scrub it gently on your skin for 5 minutes then wash it off with water. You will get healthier and fairer skin than ever.

9. Curd:

curd is a very low fat food that is very useful for our beauty and health. Everyday morning in a empty stomach you can eat 1 tsp of curd. After one month you will feel the differences of a glowing and beautiful healthy skin. As it contains a little fat you can add this to your balanced diet to keep you free from high pressure, heart disease and skin allergies .You can also apply it on your face for 20 minutes then wash it off with warm water your skin will be like what you always want.

10. Dates:

Dates is a fruit that contains a lot of protein, vitamins and a very low fat. Eating 5-10 dates will make your skin spotless, glowing and healthy. It also removes wrinkles and ageing spot. If you wane lose your weight dates is the best fruit that you can add to your balanced diet undoubtedly.


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