The ice is a blank canvas and that makes it hard for the referees.

There are so many moving parts to deal with.

So many variables that you can’t see everything at once.

A referee who does not see everything is a fool.

A player who doesn’t see every play is a failure.

A coach is not a professional and a referee is not supposed to be.

But the way things are, it’s almost impossible to be a referee in any sport and the refereeing profession is becoming increasingly important to every aspect of our society.

There is an art to refereeing and it’s about being a responsible person.

In order to be professional, it is important that the referee sees the ice, but he must also know his limitations and respect them.

A young boy was asked to score a goal by putting his finger to his mouth to make sure he scored, when he knew he couldn’t.

A man who scores a goal when he knows he can’t sees that his goal was scored by the man on his back.

A team that is not ready to score is the best team.

But a team that has to score in order to win is the worst team.

So it is essential that the player on the bench understands that when he is on the ice he has to act responsibly, even when it means risking his life.

The referee is responsible for the ice.

A lot of the games are not decided by what happens on the rink.

If you are not looking for it, then you are wasting your time.

If the ice is too cold, there is no point in making a call.

The ice has to be maintained.

The referees are responsible for their players.

The games are a lot more fun when there is a clear goal.

And when there’s a clear play, it should be the referee’s job to score.

For example, when a team is trying to score against the clock, there must be a clear way to stop the clock.

A clear play is not scored when there are no rules.

If there is not, then a penalty must be awarded.

If a team makes a play, they must stop it.

But if the play stops when the referee does not act, it must be allowed to continue.

When a player scores a point, the referee must give the referee a signal.

A sign must not be too obvious, too complicated or too obvious a signal that it must have been made by the referee.

If it is clear, then the referee is a better judge of whether the play was good or bad.

It is the referee who has to make the decision whether a play should be allowed or not.

If he is in doubt, then he should give a penalty.

A penalty should not be given when the play has been stopped.

In the penalty box, there should be a line of three yellow cards to give out the player who committed a foul.

There should also be a player on a line with the referee at the other end of the box, and he must be given a yellow card if he commits a foul that causes the game to be stopped or stopped early.

A game must be stopped early if the referee believes it is unsafe.

If they are not safe, then there should not have been any play.

If all three players are safe, the game must stop.

The goal has to go out.

If, as in a hockey game, a goal is scored, then it should not stop if the player with the puck is not scoring.

A goal has no meaning if there is nobody scoring.

But it does have meaning if the team has no power to score and the player that scored is not doing anything wrong.

When the referee takes his signal, the players on the opposing team should stop.

When they are stopped, the penalty must stop immediately.

If no penalty is given, then another player on that line must take a penalty too.

The players on both sides must take the penalty too if they are involved in a play that should have stopped.

A foul is not enough to stop a game.

If your team does not have power to make a play on the score sheet, then your team is playing in a dangerous situation.

But there are other things that can be done to stop games that are not dangerous.

A bad call in the penalty area can result in a goal being scored.

If this happens, it can also mean a game is lost.

The reason that there is such a thing as the penalty is that it is a matter of life or death.

If somebody is fouled in the box and you do not give the penalty, then that’s a bad call and the game is stopped.

If that is the case, the goal has been scored and the players involved in the play are not involved in anything illegal.

If something illegal is happening, then we can’t stop a hockey match, and if the players do not want to play, then they should play.

The game is a sport and

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