By now, many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the former secretary of state’s email server.

This story broke on July 3rd, and we’ve covered the details of it numerous times in the past.

At the time, it appeared to have little to do with the Clintons.

However, the controversy has since grown, and with it the spotlight that Clinton’s emails were shining on her campaign.

The media has been quick to highlight the fact that the Clintons are using the issue to further their own agenda, and it’s not just the media that’s doing so.

The same media that are now making this issue their primary focus has been busy making it a partisan issue.

As of last week, the Democratic presidential candidate had over 3,500 paid subscribers to her campaign, according to data compiled by The Daily Caller.

While the numbers are certainly encouraging, it doesn’t mean the Clinton campaign is necessarily a partisan organization.

In fact, this new media attention might actually be doing her more harm than good.

If you’re a Democrat, and you are seeing the same media coverage that you are, you should probably get ready for some uncomfortable questions and concerns about how you’re being treated.

This is the first in a series of articles that will be written for The Daily Signal about the issue, and the questions and worries you might have about how the Clinton emails are being used by the campaign.

What are the consequences of Hillary Clinton using her email as a way to connect with voters?

As a Democrat and an independent, it’s important to understand that the media is a powerful tool.

The Clinton campaign, and its allies in the media, have a vested interest in making sure you know everything about the candidates.

As such, the Clinton camp is constantly on the lookout for ways to use the media’s exposure to its own advantage.

This can range from using the Clinton email scandal as a smokescreen to use Trump’s past comments as an excuse to target you and your issues in a negative way, to outright lying about your beliefs and beliefs of others.

What’s the difference between Clinton’s use of her emails as a tool and other media coverage?

First, there is a distinction between the media being partisan and using the media to support the candidate.

As a matter of fact, the media has a long history of trying to use its own partisan agenda.

It’s a common narrative, especially among Republicans, that the mainstream media is biased against the Republicans.

This has been particularly true in the 2016 election cycle, with the Republican National Committee’s use as a scapegoat for Donald Trump being a prime example.

As long as the Republican Party remains in power, and is able to use this perception of bias against them, they will use it against anyone that stands in their way.

There are also numerous other examples of the media using the Clintons’ emails to try and get their point across.

It is worth noting that the use of Clinton’s personal emails to get the Clinton’s attention has been a common practice among the mainstream press, as well.

For example, in 2016, The Washington Post wrote a story titled “Hillary Clinton’s former emails could give Trump an edge over her.”

This article is full of innuendo and innuendoes, but at its core, it was written to give a false impression about how Trump was using his emails.

The Post claimed that “Trump and his advisers have long been using their personal email accounts as a form of communication with Clinton’s family and friends.

But the messages have not been used in the way Trump says they have, with only Clinton confidantes having access to the account.”

In other words, the article is attempting to convince readers that Clinton was using her personal email to communicate with her family and associates while she was Secretary of State.

In this way, the Post’s article tries to make the idea that Clinton would use her personal emails for political purposes sound plausible, when it is really, the opposite.

In contrast, the New York Times has written an article titled “Democrats have found their biggest enemy: the Clintons.”

In this article, the Times tries to paint the Democrats as a “partisan group of people.”

This is a line of attack that has been used by Republican and conservative commentators throughout the 2016 cycle, and in the general election, as a means to try to undermine Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

While it is true that the Democrats have a long and storied history of attempting to use their position of power to get what they want, the way that this is happening is more common than you might think.

As the New Republic’s Max Fisher has said, “the Democrats have never really had an issue with the press.

The press has never really been their problem.

There is something fundamentally wrong with that.”

What does this mean for Hillary Clinton?

The truth is, the public has a lot to be worried about right now.

While this is a political issue that affects every American, the main reason that this matters is because the media are now

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