Posted February 15, 2018 12:27:59With a record of winning three Australian titles and a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and with its record in the 2014 Sydney Olympics, the Australian team has the potential to be the first to claim a medal at the Games in 2024.

And with a strong support base in the northern city, where the ABC has been broadcasting its Olympic coverage for over two decades, a Sydney Games win could mean a major boost for the network’s ratings.ABC Sports reporter Mark McInerney has been tasked with researching the Sydney Olympic bid and it is believed the ABC and its sister company Nine will also be in the running for the 2024 Olympic bid.

But what do the games actually mean for Sydney?

“If you look at the Olympic Games, it’s not about the sports that are being competed in.

It’s about the whole of Australia,” Professor John Williams, a sports psychologist from the University of NSW, told the ABC.”

You see the importance of community involvement and of cultural identity in all of these events.”

What we see in the games is that they’re a very important moment in a country’s history.

“The Olympic Games are really about identity and community and people participating in those events to share their culture and their history.”

The Olympics have played an important role in Sydney’s identity for decades, with many local and international sporting organisations including the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) and the AFL representing the region in the Olympics.

But for many Sydney residents, the Olympics are not just about the sporting aspect, but about the way the city has changed.

“There’s always been a sense that Sydney has been a relatively safe place to live for people of colour and to the ethnic and racial minorities,” Professor Williams said.

“It was never as safe as it could be in some ways because of the racism that was present in many parts of the city.”

When I look at people in our community, I see the impact that they’ve had on the history of the area and how it’s changed.

It’s not just the Olympic games.

It has changed everything in the past 40 years.

“The ABC is also considering the idea of hosting a game between Sydney and Canberra, a rivalry between two of the biggest sports cities in Australia.

Professor Williams said there were also opportunities for the ABC to do something different with the 2024 Olympics, in particular if they were to feature a game with an indigenous team, such as the B.C. Barbarians.”

If they had a team representing an indigenous culture and the Australian indigenous team did well, then I think that’s going to be an interesting story to tell in 2024,” Professor McInerrney said.

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