The Miami Heat have been the most popular NBA team since the start of the NBA, but this season has seen the team’s popularity continue to rise.

The Heat have averaged more than 20 million viewers per game, up from around 18 million last season.

While the team is still far from the elite in terms of viewership, the Heat’s fans are still far more enthusiastic and engaged than the rest of the league.

Miami Heat fans are enjoying the team the way they’ve always enjoyed it.

A new poll released by Sports Illustrated and USA Today this week shows that LeBron James’ team is the most beloved team in the NBA today.

In addition to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s popularity, the NBA as a whole is getting even more popular, with NBA fans watching more games, more people are tuning in, and more people watch on television.

The NBA’s popularity is also continuing to rise in the states, with the Boston Celtics averaging 10.4 million viewers on TNT, up 11 percent from last season’s 9.9 million.

The Atlanta Hawks, which was once the most hated team in basketball, have seen its ratings climb nearly 11 percent, from 1.3 million viewers last season to 4.3 last year.

Miami’s popularity has grown in the past few years as the team has grown from an all-white team to a diverse, multi-ethnic team that is a lot more comfortable playing against the NBA on a national stage.

This is especially true this year with the addition of new faces like Dwyan James, Justise Winslow, and Goran Dragic.

The new additions have been a huge boost for the Heat and the league overall. 

The rise in popularity has not only been positive for the team, but also for the league as a collective.

The number of people tuning in to watch the NBA games has also increased, with ESPN’s NBA coverage jumping by nearly 4 million viewers.

This has not just boosted viewership for the NBA; the games have also been shown on ESPNU, which means more people watching the games are also watching the NBA.

It is clear that the Heat have the potential to be a very popular team in both the NBA and the world. 

While the Miami Heat’s popularity remains far from elite, the league’s popularity continues to grow.

The New York Knicks are still the most disliked team in America, but their popularity has steadily increased over the past year.

The Los Angeles Clippers have seen their ratings increase by almost 5 percent over last year, and they are the second most popular team of all time.

New York is currently averaging around 1.2 million viewers a game on TNT.

The Knicks have the most fans on the court, and their fans are more engaged than any other team in this year’s NBA.

They have more fans tuning in than any team in any sport and are consistently on TV.

This trend has only increased the number of fans tuning into the team each game.

The Miami Dolphins are a more diverse team than the Heat, with Miami’s fans being more diverse than any league in the world, and are far more active than most teams.

The Dolphins’ fans are also more engaged with the team than any NFL team, with fans tuning out of games for a variety of reasons, including the team missing games due to injury.

While the NBA is currently seeing a drop in viewership, this is not the only team experiencing a decline.

In 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the most unpopular teams in the league, but they are now on the decline.

The Cavaliers were the most-hated team in 2016 with 1.9 out of every 100 viewers rating the team unfavorably.

The team is currently on the rise, and have gained the support of fans throughout the NBA due to their new-look uniforms and new players.

Another team that was a lot less popular in 2016 is the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons were one the most despised teams in America last year and now have fallen to the third most hated in the sport.

They were one team that fans were not even able to watch on TV last season due to the lockout.

This season, they have had some great moments, but fans are definitely getting fed up with the Pistons.

There are many reasons why the NBA has seen its popularity increase in the last several years.

The rise in viewership and popularity has resulted in increased exposure for the players and coaches.

The emergence of a new generation of superstars has also boosted the popularity of the game, and has helped bring a more mainstream audience to the sport, especially with more and more young people becoming fans.

It will be interesting to see how this trend plays out in the future. 

It is also important to keep in mind that there are also a number of factors that contribute to the rise of popularity in sports.

These factors include a large number of athletes being able to play in the

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