By Tom PomerantzPublished May 09, 2018 04:23:54A new report by the International Association of Stadium Owners shows that the biggest sports arenas in the U.S. were unable to get the fans they were expecting on Sunday night.

In Orlando, where Magic fans and others in attendance watched the team’s season opener, the average attendance at Magic Arena was 15,843, compared to 17,087 for the NBA’s home game between the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls.

The Orlando Arena was not able to get more than 15,000 fans per game, according to the report, which was compiled by the Orlando Business Journal and obtained by Bloomberg.

That is down from 17,072 fans per home game last season, the report said.

“The Orlando Sports Authority has consistently had a low attendance, and in many years it has been lower than our expectations,” said John Biederman, chairman of the Orlando Sports and Entertainment Authority.

“Our goal is to continue to provide a quality experience for our fans, and to be able to continue our leadership in that area.

We have always been proud of our commitment to providing a good environment for our players, coaches and staff to work and enjoy.”

In Dallas, home of the Mavericks, the arena averaged 10,892, compared with 10,961 for the Mavericks’ season opener against the Los Angeles Clippers.

In Houston, home to the Rockets, the team averaged 12,638 for the season opener.

The Rockets were able to pull in 15,097 fans, while the Mavericks averaged 11,912.

In Portland, home for the Blazers, the venue averaged 10.6, compared for the regular season to 9.9 for the opener against Oklahoma City.

The arena was able to draw 17,732 fans, which is down 23 percent from last season’s 17,846, the Blazers reported.

In Detroit, home with the Pistons, the stadium averaged 10., compared to 11.2 for the game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pistons were able by averaging 15,054 fans for the contest, which puts them in first place in the NBA at 20,092.

In Atlanta, home home of NBA champions the Hawks, the league average attendance was 10,634, compared of 10,845 for the Pelicans’ season opening.

The Hawks were able only to draw 14,056 fans, down 24 percent from the 20,069 fans that attended last season.

In Philadelphia, home where the 76ers played last season against the Washington Bullets, the season average attendance in the arena was 10.7, compared the league record for the year of 10.8.

The 76ers averaged 19,542 fans, putting them in sixth place at 20.0 million.

In Houston, the home of Houston Rockets, home arena averaged 11.7 and the average in the city, compared.

The average attendance for the Rockets was 16,957, compared 17,075 for the Thunder.

The league average is 17,000, while it was 16.4 for the Cavaliers.

In Dallas and San Antonio, home teams that played in the 2018 All-Star Game, average attendance of 11.4 and 10.9 respectively.

The NBA average is 10,766 and 10,976, respectively.

In Washington, home team of the NBA champion Wizards, averaged 12.6 and 11.5, respectively, the lowest average attendance during the All-star break in franchise history.

The NBA reported that the average home attendance of the season was 10 million, down 21 percent from 2016, when the league averaged 18.5 million.

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