A new era has dawned for European League of Legends, the pinnacle of the competitive gaming industry.

The ELeague, which is sponsored by the world’s biggest gaming company Riot Games, has grown to the size of the World Cup, but the new season is the first to feature a fully-fledged league.

In 2017, there were no international teams competing in the ELeague; instead, there was only one team in the tournament, Copenhagen Wolves, and their first-round opponent, SK Telecom T1.

With the rise of the world championships, the ELeagues were once again the top prize-earning leagues in esports, and teams from Europe, North America and China were able to compete in the competition.

It was the first time the ELoL would ever have a full-fledged season, and the first year to feature teams from all over the world.

But that hasn’t stopped some teams from feeling underwhelmed.

The top European teams have had plenty of problems with players leaving, and a number of teams have made headlines this year with players allegedly leaving teams for more lucrative jobs elsewhere in esports.

Riot Games is currently in talks with teams that have struggled financially and are hoping to fix their rosters for next season.

But with the new year coming, some teams are looking to go in a different direction.

The most recent ELeague winner was SK Telecom’s Olofmeister.

While the jungler was on a four-year contract with the North American team, he was replaced by the team’s new coach, Adrian “Adrian” Gedmin, who is reportedly the best coach in the world at the moment.

While SK Telecom is still in a slump, Olof was able to show his worth to the team by winning ELeague’s MVP award and leading his team to victory over the Copenhagen Wolves in the quarterfinals.

While Olof did not earn a lot of money during his stint with the team, it was a good indicator of his skill as a jungler.

He has the ability to play multiple champions, and he can also switch between those roles, making him a very versatile player.

With Olof’s talent, SKT’s team would not have struggled to win the game, and they were able at least to stay in the top of the standings in the end.

The same is true for Copenhagen Wolves’ Adrian “Xpecial” Lee, who was also the Eleague MVP.

He did not play much with SK Telecom, but he did play with Copenhagen Wolves throughout the entire season, winning a few tournaments and being an integral part of the team.

This allowed him to win two ELeague MVP awards.

As the new ELeague season approaches, the top four teams in the league are the two who are expected to win.

SK Telecom and Copenhagen Wolves are expected by Riot Games to make it to the quarterfinal, and if they do, they will compete for the Summoner’s Cup trophy.

In the second round, SKTC and the Unicorns of Love are expected win against the world champions, LGD Gaming.

However, it will be the Chinese team, MVP Ozone, who could have a real chance to win it all.

The new Eleague is scheduled to begin in the spring, and will feature four teams.

The four teams will compete in four different groups, and it will come down to which team can put up the best performance throughout the group stages.

Each team will have a different set of rules that dictate their play style and style of team play, and all of the games will be broadcast live on Riot Games’ Twitch channel.

The games will also be streamed on Riot’s YouTube channel, with an all-access pass for fans.

The schedule for the EPL is as follows:The group stage will begin on March 5 and end on March 20.

The winners will play the top three teams from each group, and then the top two teams from the playoffs will face off in a best-of-three grand final.

The grand final will take place on April 1, and there will be a total of four matches.

The teams that advance to the grand final, and who will also compete in a playoff bracket for a spot in the grand finals, will face each other in a three-way tiebreaker to determine the grand champion.

The winners will face a second-place finisher, and two third-place teams will meet in a four seed tiebreaker.

The final will be played in the first week of April, with a $20,000 prize pool awarded to the winners.

The prize pool for the grand finale is expected to be between $500,000 and $1.5 million.

While that is a lot for a single tournament, there is one thing that makes it a lot less expensive than the previous ELeague seasons.

That is that it will have its own sponsor.

Riot will be taking on a large share of the prize pool, and Riot

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