How to play the AFk Arena guide How to earn Arena Points Arena Points can be earned for winning games.

Here’s how to get the most out of it. 1.

Play to earn points: The AFK arena is a mode where you’ll compete with other players to earn the most points, earning gold and gold-themed skins, and the right to be the arena champion.

Here are the rules: 1.

The first player to score at least five points wins.


If you lose the match, you lose a point.


You must use the same arena to play again, even if you play in different regions.


You cannot change arena or regions.


You can’t join a different arena if you’re currently the arena’s champion.


You’ll earn Arena points each time you win or lose.


You earn a certain number of points each match, which can be increased by earning more Arena points.


You gain an AFK bonus based on the number of Arena points you’ve earned.


You get a bonus amount of AFK points for every game you play, up to a maximum of 100 AFK per game.


You unlock the Arena Builder mode when you reach Arena Rank 2.

The AFk arena mode is the most fun and rewarding way to play Arena, and is a great way to boost your Arena Points.

How to earn AFK Points How to get AFK and earn Arena: There are four ways to earn your AFK: 1) Complete Arena Challenges (AFK Challenges).

2) Earn Arena Points (Arena Points).

3) Earn AFK Challenges (afk challenges).

4) Complete Challenge Mode.

AFK is only available in Challenge Mode when you’re ranked at Rank 2 or higher.

You can earn Arena Credits to unlock new skins and earn more Arena Points, and earn AFM to earn more AFK.

AFM is earned by playing Arena.

The more Arena Credits you earn, the more AFM you’ll earn.

AFMU can be spent to upgrade your avatar, which is useful for Arena Challenges.

AFU, on the other hand, is only awarded when you earn AFN and AFU.

AFN is awarded to your avatar after you’ve played a certain amount of Arena matches.

AFUP is only earned after you complete a certain level of Arena Challenges and AFM, but before AFU is unlocked.

The AFK system is broken up into three tiers.

Rank 1 is awarded immediately after you have earned the minimum amount of arena credits and AFN.

For the next three months, AFU will be worth less than Rank 1, AFMU will be more valuable than Rank 2, and AFUP will be less valuable than AFU at all.

As the AFU system is designed to help you earn Arena credits, it may be a little unfair if you’ve never played the AFM and AFMU modes.

You could be playing Arena with Arena Credits and AFNB and earn a lot of AFU and AFNA, but then you’ll find that the AFN/AFMU system isn’t as useful.

If you’re new to Arena, AFNB is the best option.

It gives you the best chance of earning AFN while also unlocking new skins, making you an easy choice to play.

AFNB will be much easier to earn than AFN for the rest of the season.

To unlock new AFNB, you’ll need to complete the Arena Challenge Mode, but you can earn AFNB after completing the mode.

AFN and the AFMU system are broken down into four tiers.

The lower tiers are reserved for the top players, while the higher tiers are for the best Arena players.

You start earning AFNB when you have achieved Rank 1 and the highest Arena Rank.

AFNP, on a similar level, is earned after Rank 1.

Arena Players Earn AFN: Arena players can earn an AFN after completing a particular amount of Challenges.

If your Arena rank is less than the highest arena player, you may not get an AFNP after you reach Rank 1; you’ll only get AFNB at the higher ranks.

This means that Arena players who have played the Arena challenges a few times and earned a lot, such as the ones below, may not earn an adequate amount of a AFN from Arena Challenges this season.

The only way to earn an acceptable amount of an AFNB from Arena is to play in Arena ranked at rank 5 or higher and earn at least four Arena Challenges per season.

AFNA and AFUI: The most common AFN you’ll get from Arena and AFNP is the AFNA.

AFNE, AFNI, and other AFN are awarded after reaching the top arena player rank.

AFNS are awarded when reaching Rank 3.

AFNs earned through AFNE and AFNI

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