A $150m new arena will be built in Auckland, New Zealand, with the city council planning to spend $50m to develop the land.

The building will be part of the Auckland Expo 2020 which is being hosted by the city of Auckland, with a capacity of about 30,000.

The $150 million arena will feature a retractable roof, a retractible grass court and will include a retracting roof.

It will be the first sports venue in New York City to be built with a retractor roof.

The arena, which will be completed by 2021, is scheduled to open in 2021.

The city of New Zealand is also building a $70m sports and entertainment complex in a suburb of Auckland.

The sports complex will include an indoor court, an indoor basketball court, a large swimming pool, a basketball court and a tennis court.

It was developed by Auckland Council and the Auckland Convention and Exhibition Authority.

“The arena will provide a great place for the local community and for the Aucklanders to be involved in the city,” said Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

“It will also be a great example of how sports can bring the city together.”

This is an iconic venue in Auckland.

“It is the second sports complex in New Japan, the country’s largest professional wrestling promotion.

The Auckland Expo has been hosted by New York and is expected to draw over 1.3 million people.

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