India is facing a major challenge in creating an Indian brand, a growing body of research has revealed.

As the world moves towards more digital commerce, brands have increasingly sought to differentiate themselves from one another, and the most successful brands have the capacity to create an online presence that can reach an audience outside of India.

This has become a key challenge for India’s digital marketing industry, as the country has become the most digitally-literate nation in the world.

In fact, just over two years ago, Indian brand manager Anup Jain and digital marketing executive Rishi Kapoor published the report ‘A Startup India: India’s Branding Challenges’.

Jain and Kapoor’s report, titled India’s Digital Marketing Strategy, outlines the challenges facing brands across India, highlighting the importance of building digital assets that will be useful to the country’s customers.

For the digital marketing and digital product marketing industry in India, Jain said, the most critical aspect is finding the right platform.

“In terms of the product, you have to have an appropriate platform, the right kind of products, the best marketing tools, the platform that you need to be able to engage with your customers,” he said.

“The platforms we need to build are a mix of those that we are building now, but also those that are going to evolve over time.”

According to the report, the digital marketplaces need to have a clear mission and a clear purpose.

This will help them to serve their customers, promote products and promote their brand.

Jain said that the digital marketplace needs to evolve and expand to meet the needs of the growing market.

“We have to make sure that we continue to evolve this platform to meet these new needs.

The ecosystem that we have right now, the platforms are good enough to be a success for us,” he added.

The report outlines three key issues for the Indian brand marketing industry:The first is the need to reach out to customers beyond India.

This needs to be done through online and offline marketing.

The second is to engage customers through mobile devices.

The third is to provide an experience that is relevant to the target demographic.

“There is an opportunity to create a better digital marketing experience for our target audience, and also create a digital identity that is very relevant to our target customer,” Jain added.

Digital marketing and product marketing in India is also at the forefront of a new age of digitalisation in the country.

In a time of changing social norms and digitalisation, Jains’ report suggests that brands need to take the initiative to change the way they approach digital marketing.

“It is time for a brand to make the transition from an old to a new era,” he stressed.

“This is a transition that requires a lot of thought and planning.”

This is the first of a series of reports on the Indian digital marketing strategy that will cover the entire country.

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