What do you do when your dressage horse isn’t wearing a harness and you can’t seem to find a harness in your shop?

Do you get the horse dressed up like a pony?

That’s exactly what some riders did in Nepal in recent days.

“We used to ride the horses as horses in the village,” said one rider, Sivaprasanna, who runs the Kathmandu-based Horse School.

“Now, we wear suits and tie-dyed shirts.

But we still ride them as horses.”

Horses are a popular sport in Nepal, which is one of the world’s poorest countries.

The sport is played in a number of parts of the country, including the mountains and rivers.

The horses are trained to sprint over boulders and climb down into crevices.

But while the sport was popular in India, Nepal has seen few riders practicing horseback riding.

The Nepalese government has been working on developing a national horse riding federation since 2008.

The federation hopes to attract new riders and encourage the local community to participate.

Riding a horse is also a way to escape the crowds of people at the resort town of Baghpat in central Nepal, where the Nepal Olympic team is based.

“The sport is important to the people of Bighpat, as it allows people to enjoy nature,” said Sivaram, a local resident.

“When we rode horses, we got so many people to follow us, and the horse became our identity.”

Riding a Horse in Nepal article The Nepali horse-riding community is not the only one to have turned to horseback sports.

In India, there are many different horse breeds, including bull, horse, and horseback.

Many of the older horses are still being used by the country’s tourist industry.

The Himalayan country is known for its natural beauty and is one the worlds most popular tourist destinations.

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