SANTA MONICA, CA—A new stadium in Carson, California, is going to be an absolute nightmare for the Raiders.

The $1.6 billion project is expected to take nearly 10 years to complete and has already sparked a wave of protests by NFL players, many of whom have called for a boycott of the stadium.

But according to several NFL players and owners, the plan is already doomed to fail, with the NFL Players Association and Raiders owner Mark Davis claiming the stadium will not sell out.

“I think it will go over very well in the community, but I do think it’s a mistake to try and get people in the arena before the stadium is finished,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith told reporters on Wednesday.

“The stadium will never sell out and I think the Raiders are in the wrong business.”

The Raiders are hoping to open their new home for their season on the field in 2017, but the Raiders haven’t been able to secure a stadium partner to help with the project, and they are currently considering competing for a team in Los Angeles.

“If we can get a team and the Raiders play there, I think it would be a tremendous boost to our stadium,” Davis said.

“And if we can’t get a deal done, we could be doing it with our friends in the NFL.

But we need to get a stadium in this city that is viable.”

Davis said that the Raiders were looking to sell their home to the city of Las Vegas, which would provide a venue that could house up to 2,000 people, which is much larger than the current capacity of 2,600.

“This stadium will be the envy of the NFL,” he said.

The Raiders were able to sell a stadium to Los Angeles for $500 million in 2016, but they were only able to do so because the city agreed to host a Super Bowl in 2021, and the stadium’s current capacity is still much smaller than that.

Davis has said that he has no interest in relocating to Las Vegas and has said it was important for him to be able to see his hometown.

“It’s important to me to be here, to be in Carson and see what’s going on in the Valley,” he told The Associated Press.

“We want to be at the top of the mountain and it’s something that we can do in Carson.”

The NFLPA and the NFL have both accused Davis of trying to buy the Raiders from him.

“Mark Davis is trying to make this project his own, and he’s doing everything he can to try to do it, including to threaten the players and the community and to threaten us to the best of his ability,” Davis’ attorney Jeff Martin said on Wednesday at a press conference.

“He has been an obstructionist in every aspect of this matter and he has made it clear that if we don’t cooperate with him, we’re not going to win the case.”

NFL players also have taken to social media to protest the new stadium.

“Raiders fans are getting a terrible product.

I’m not sure they want a new stadium with no lights, no sound, no air conditioning and no public transportation,” Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said in a tweet.

“Just another sad day for the NFL.”

Raiders owner and Raiders fans Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie have both made their views on the stadium known, though both Davis and McKenzie have admitted that they could change their mind.

“You know, if we were to go down the road of selling the team to another team, I would be the first to sell it,” Davis told reporters.

“That’s the kind of place I would go, but if we could find a team that would love this city, then we’d certainly do that.

I don’t know if that’s what they’re going to do.

We’d love to have a team here.

But at the same time, if they sell it to another franchise, then it’s like a bad deal.”

A new stadium is a critical part of the Raiders plan for the future.

The stadium would be located at the northern end of the city, just outside of Carson.

A new NFL stadium in downtown Carson, CA.

The city is expected by some to get $50 million in bonds to finance the stadium, and it has said in the past that it wants to make the project a reality by the end of 2020.

But the Raiders and other cities in the area are concerned that a new arena would lead to a decrease in local jobs and economic growth.

“For us, this is about our economic growth,” Raiders owner John Mara said.

“[It] would hurt our community.

It would hurt Carson’s economic growth, so it’s very important that we’re able to get that stadium done, so that Carson can be the best it can be.”

But some Raiders owners have expressed optimism that the new venue will bring economic benefit to Carson.

“Our hope is that the stadium we are building in Carson will create

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