In the year 2017, the first wave of film adaptations of The Witchblade, which centers on a teenage girl who finds herself trapped in a magical world and the fate of her people, has become an international sensation.

The film, which has already been awarded nine Oscars, won the 2016 Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Golden Globes.

Now, the fans behind the film are working to get the movie into theaters.

In the first step, the team behind the video for the pitch video has created a pitch video for “The Witchblade,” which is a new, original video from the team of The CW’s CW drama The Vampire Diaries.

The video features a clip of The Vampire Slayer star Kacey Musgraves talking about how she thinks the film is an amazing story and a great story.

In her video, Musgravell also tells the audience that the pitch for “WitchBlade” is to be directed by actress and Buffy alumna, Kaley Cuoco.

The pitch video includes some behind-the-scenes footage, as well as an interview with the cast and crew, along with an introduction to the film.

The CW series will be airing its third season on The CW next year.

Here’s what Musgraven had to say about her role in the pitch: “I’m thrilled to have my voice in this movie.

I love the story and I love what it has to offer.

I’m excited to have it be directed and written by someone who’s going to be a big part of it.

I just love this show and the story.

I think the fans will be thrilled by it.”

For more from The CW, check out Entertainment Weekly’s video below:

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