Posted March 24, 2018 11:21:00With the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and Major League Soccer all currently in the throes of playoff races, there’s been plenty of talk about the potential of esports competitions.

What is Arena Football, and why is it important for a sport that’s only been around for a few years?

Well, Arena Football is a hybrid sport that involves both football and basketball.

Like football, the sport is played on fields of grass and dirt.

However, it differs from football in that it has more space for players to roam and the ball travels more freely.

Arena Football is played in different leagues around the world, from the world’s smallest to the largest.

It’s played by fans, and it’s played in arenas that are smaller than most stadiums.

You can watch a game of Arena Football online or through a television or satellite receiver.

You can learn more about Arena Football on our esports page, or by reading our article on Arena Football.

There are several types of Arena football.

There’s the traditional one, which is played at the local stadium, and there’s also a hybrid Arena Football that includes a team’s home arena, and then a new arena for each new league the team plays.

The best way to understand what an Arena Football game is is by watching a video of it.

Here’s an example of what you might see:When you watch the video, you can see the players run around the field, while the ball flies around the ground.

There are two things you can do with this.

You could catch it on the ground or you could dribble it with your left foot.

When you dribble, the ball is bouncing back and forth and the defender is trying to catch it.

The defender catches it, but you’re also taking a big hit from the defender.

The other player is the ball carrier, so he has to keep the ball from bouncing back.

This is how you score.

The more you dribbled, the more the defender was hit and the harder he had to be to catch the ball.

The ball is also moving.

When it’s dribbled up, the defender will be able to track it down, but when it’s down, the attacker can’t.

The attacker also has to get his head on the ball so he can make a play on the defender, and when he’s on top of the ball, the defenders can’t get to him.

This can lead to turnovers and an interception.

The defenders have to stay in their lane and try to catch up to the ball as quickly as possible.

If the defender catches the ball before it reaches the receiver, it’s a touchdown.

The last thing the defender has to do is run to his side of the field.

The receiver will need to run to the sideline, while he can’t be too far away from the goal line.

The defender’s job is to keep an eye on the receiver and not let the ball come through him.

You should never let the receiver get too close to the goal, because you want to get the ball out of the receiver’s hands as quickly and as far as possible so you can score.

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