The NFL players in Las Vegas on Sunday won’t be paid the $1 million prize they were promised after beating the New York Giants in the NFC title game.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the payout at the conclusion of the game in Los Angeles.

Goodell said that, in the event of a tie, the league would award $50,000 to the team with the most wins, $20,000 each to the teams with the fewest losses, and $10,000 apiece to teams with one win and two losses.

He added that the league’s prize pool would be “comparable to what other professional sports leagues have paid out in past years.”

The $1.3 million payout was first announced by the league last month.

But the announcement caused some controversy after it was reported that the Giants had won the game.

“We are proud to announce that we will be awarded the $500,000 portion of the NFLPA’s $1 Million Championship Fund to the winners of the 2015 NFL Super Bowl,” NFL spokesperson John Thomas said in a statement.

“This award is not a surprise and it is something that we are pleased to have reached.”

The game was played at a venue that is less than half full, according to reports.

The Giants won by a final score of 16-14.

The Patriots won the next game, 26-23.

The teams played the following week in a game in which both teams had their own playoff hopes, the New England Patriots winning 24-24.

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