Royal Farms, the world’s largest agribusiness company, has unveiled plans for its arena, located in the city of Birmingham, which will be built in 2020.

The arena will be the world first arena built using renewable energy, a new model that allows the company to use more water, air and electricity, according to Royal Farms CEO and chief executive Mark Smeeth.

It will feature three floors, one for entertainment, the other for catering and food and the third for the arena itself.

Royal Farms is planning to operate the arena from a new location, called the Arena for Energy.

Smeeth told Engadgets that the new model of building the arena will give Royal Farms the ability to build the arena faster, “to build it faster in the right place, to do the right thing, and also to be able to do it in a way that’s sustainable.”

The arena’s design, which is based on a natural gas turbine, will also be sustainable.

The turbines use less energy than a conventional power plant and are more efficient.

Simeeth also said the arena is designed to be an environmentally friendly venue, and will also have a large rooftop garden to grow food on.

He said that the company will continue to invest in energy efficiency in the arena, which it will use on the roof of the arena.

The Royal Farms arenas arena will open in 2020, and Simeeth said the company hopes to make the arena a destination for people and families.

The arena will feature a capacity of about 50,000, with seating for 1,200 people, according a press release.

Somewhat surprisingly, the arena’s name was not included on the press release as a reference to its location, but Simeet said he hoped it would be included in the press releases.

Simeset also noted that the arena has not yet been approved for sale.

The city of London, the UK’s capital, has not been chosen for the venue, but a private developer is expected to buy the arena for $20 million.

Smyth said that, unlike the previous arena in London, there are no plans for a stadium.

He added that the current stadium, which opened in 2005, has become a symbol of the city’s problems with congestion.

The London Coliseum was built as a temporary facility that was ultimately torn down in 2020 after the Olympics.

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