Twitch’s popularity in esports has exploded in recent years.

Now, the company is looking to get back into the game with its own video platform.

The company is partnering with a number of popular video platforms, including YouTube, for the creation of an esports league called the “Pinnacle Bank Arena.”

The league will be an esports version of the League of Legends Championship Series, a highly popular MOBA that debuted back in 2013.

This new league will serve as a testbed for the nascent platform, as well as showcase its ability to connect fans with esports talent.

The Pinnacle Bank arena will host several of the top players in the game, including MVP Ozone, who are known for their unique play styles and unique approaches to their roles as a support and carry player.

The team will also feature a number other prominent esports personalities.

The partnership will allow the league to grow and expand, with the aim of creating a “true esports league” and giving it an international following.

The league’s format will be based on the LoL LCS, where teams are split into two teams and compete for a prize pool of $1 million.

Teams can then sign up to compete against each other in a double elimination format.

The prize pool will be split among the top three teams from the first week of the league, with a second week for each additional seed.

The final four teams will be seeded directly into the finals.

PinnacleBank Arena will feature an overall format, where each team plays its own lane, with three members each playing a support role.

Each game will be a best of three, with games being played on Sunday nights, and the playoffs being played out on the next Tuesday night.

The League of Stars format will serve the same purpose, where the top four teams from each region qualify for a $1.5 million cash prize pool.

The two-day event will also have a double-elimination playoffs, with teams seeded from the lower seed qualifying for a spot in the playoffs.

For more information on the Pinnacle bank, check out the company’s website.

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