Total War has long been synonymous with wrestling, and the franchise is still popular today, with a number of different wrestling series on the market.

But what if you could actually wrestle with real players in the game, rather than just playing as a CGI character?

This is where the new arena swimsuit comes in.

While many wrestling games will tell you to wear the swimsuit to perform in the arena, in Total War the swimsuits are actually meant to be worn on the water.

They’ll appear on your character’s body when you enter the arena during the arena match, and you’ll be able to switch between the swimwear and a suit when you go out into the water to do other things.

To get started with the new mode, we’ve put together a guide to getting started in the latest game.

First, let’s get the basics down.

The Arena Swimsuit mode is designed to give you an authentic wrestling experience that takes full advantage of the latest hardware.

In this mode, you’ll find a selection of outfits to choose from, which can be customized with new abilities and weapons.

You’ll be prompted to wear them when you first arrive at the arena and can swap them out for another swimsuit at any time.

As with any wrestling game, the mode is entirely free to download and play, and there’s a free tier that lets you buy more outfits.

For example, if you’ve bought two suits, you can switch between them at any point during the match.

The full range of outfits is unlocked when you purchase the game’s “Arena Pack” which includes a raft of costumes for the first time.

You can also purchase the “Horse Pack”, which adds two additional suits for free.

The Horse Pack is available at any price and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

There are also the “Battlesuit Pack” and “Horseshoes Pack” that are available at different prices.

These bundles add additional outfits to the game.

If you buy the Horse Pack, you get a new Horse character with the same look and personality as the horse, plus an assortment of new special moves, including the Horse Swing and Horse Drop.

These two features are especially useful if you want to try out the new “Sparksuit” ability, which allows you to slam the ground with your arms to launch yourself up into the air.

You can also swap out these moves for new ones when you get in the ring, which are more useful during close-quarters battles.

If, like me, you’re a fan of classic wrestling matches, you might also want to check out the “Wrestling Arena” mode.

In the Arena mode, each wrestler has his own personal arena, which you can then battle other players in.

Each wrestler has a specific area in the arenas to use his wrestling abilities.

While the arena is designed for the most basic players, you should still be able find some wrestling skills that will suit your style.

The arenas in Total Wars Arena are very small, so you should expect to find yourself playing a fair few matches here.

To see how well the new modes work, I tested out a number for each wrestler, and in total I played six matches on my test rig, each with at least one other player.

For comparison, I tried a similar number of matches in the Arena Swimsuits mode and found that there was a lot more variety in the modes.

As far as the games modes go, there are five different options for the mode, including two for “Arenas”, one for “Pools”, and one for the “Dive.”

The Dive mode is the most obvious.

This mode is where you can use the “Spiral Jump” ability and land on the arena surface, and this allows you access to a wider variety of moves than the other modes.

If you’re new to wrestling, this is where to start.

You’re also able to dive off the arena when you are in the water, which is a great way to get some more practice.

There’s also a mode for “Diving”, which is what we call “in-depth wrestling.”

The goal here is to go head-to-head with other players and see who can land the biggest blows, and to do so in the most effective way.

It can also be a good way to teach yourself some new moves if you haven’t yet played the wrestling modes.

You might also notice that some wrestlers will start with a new special ability in the “Picks and Slaps” mode, but these abilities aren’t particularly powerful.

That’s because they’re not particularly effective, so most of the time you’ll just need to rely on your wrestling skills.

For instance, if your opponent throws a “Lariat” attack and you’re thrown into the arena wall, the Lariat attack will do nothing.

The new modes are designed to be a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to see how they work with the

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