The Phoenix Mercury and the Phoenix Suns are both going to have a good time, and the Suns will certainly enjoy themselves.

The Mercury has a terrific team with star power and an incredible fan base.

This summer, however, it will have to find a way to make up some ground against the Suns in terms of ticket sales and attendance.

We took a look at the teams ticket sales, attendance and revenue figures, and it is hard to get a good sense of how the Suns are doing against the team that is going to dominate in the league next season.

Ticket sales The Suns have already made strides this summer, as they sold over 4.4 million tickets.

That was more than all of the teams combined in 2016-17, and over half of the season’s ticket sales were to games that were televised nationally.

The Suns were also able to sell out the Phoenix Arena for the first time this summer.

In fact, the Phoenix arena sold out for two consecutive nights in May.

The average ticket price is $200, which is slightly higher than last season, and is $25 more than the average of all of last year.

The Phoenix arena is also a popular venue for concerts, and fans have made a habit of attending them there.

The new Phoenix stadium also has an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

Phoenix is also the home of the Arizona Coyotes and is also home to the Phoenix Rising Stars and Phoenix Storm.

In terms of revenue, Phoenix is averaging $12 million per year, which includes $3 million in sponsorship revenue.

The team has not had a major financial drop-off since being a member of the NBA.

Phoenix’s overall revenue of $16.3 million is the fifth highest in the NBA, and $12.9 million of that is revenue from corporate sponsorships.

In 2018-19, Phoenix averaged $23.5 million in ticket sales per game.

This is well above the average in the NFL, which averaged $18.5 per game in 2018-20.

It is also well above average for a team like the Atlanta Hawks, who averaged $17.9 per game last season.

Phoenix has also managed to make some major contributions to the Suns franchise and the league in the form of naming rights, TV contracts, and other revenue streams.

For the 2017-18 season, the Suns earned more than $9.5 billion in ticket revenues.

The 2017-2018 salary cap was set to increase by $4.8 million, and so far this season, there has been little discussion about whether the Suns should be under the cap.

The first year under the $58.8 billion cap was $8.6 million under the current salary cap.

This season, however the Suns have a cap figure of $63.2 million, which will allow them to go over the cap if they wish.

The next two seasons are expected to see Phoenix increase their cap figure, which should make them even more attractive to NBA teams.

Phoenix also had the third highest annual attendance for the Suns last season at 14,744.

This was up from 14,077 in 2016, and they also managed the sixth highest attendance in 2018.

Phoenix will also have a significant television contract with Fox Sports Arizona and Fox Sports West beginning in 2019.

The biggest impact of the TV contract will be the ability for the team to continue their relationship with FOX Sports Arizona, which has been a staple in the Suns’ home arena for a number of years.

Phoenix averaged 17.9 percent attendance in the 2017 NBA playoffs, and that was up nearly 30 percent from the same season a year earlier.

The Coyotes also have some significant revenue streams going on.

In 2017-19 the team had over $20 million in revenue.

However, it is not clear whether that was due to the team being the second team in the Pacific Division to make the playoffs, or if the team was simply a bigger beneficiary of their sponsorship deal with the Phoenix-based Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix and Phoenix will have two more years of TV deals and sponsorship agreements, with FOX and Fox being the main sponsors.

Phoenix had a $7 million annual sponsorship with Adidas, a $9 million sponsorship with Nike, and a $5 million sponsorship from McDonalds.

Phoenix ranked as the third-highest paid team in NBA history, behind the New York Knicks ($19.9 mil) and the Denver Nuggets ($18.6 mil).

Phoenix also has the fifth-highest total revenue in the NHL ($31.1 million), the second-highest per-game attendance ($21,854) and fourth-highest average attendance ($24,068).

In 2018, Phoenix had over half the total revenue of all NBA teams and has had more than 20% of its total revenue from sponsorships, television and ticket sales.

The last three years of Phoenix’s TV deal with Fox and Fox West were also huge successes.

Phoenix was the third team to win the Stanley Cup

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