When it came to building the new ice arena for the Vancouver Canucks, the City of Vancouver was looking for a way to bring back the hockey.

So in March, it was announced the arena would be built in a new building, one that was going to be called the Brewster Ice Arena.

The Brewster arena would have an indoor and outdoor rink, with the ice being moved to the roof.

It would also be home to a new rink for the Canucks hockey team.

The Canucks hockey program had been in the city for decades, and the new arena was designed to accommodate it, according to the Brewsters development team.

The new arena has been in operation since March, and was the biggest sports project ever undertaken in the country.

The $250 million arena will hold 25,000 people, and will feature a retractable roof for hockey, according the Canucks.

But for those who have been to the arena, or even just come in to see it, you might think you’ve never been to Brewster.

That is, until you’ve had a beer.

The beer taps are open to the public, and there is even a dedicated beer garden, with a full-service bar, beer garden and bar.

But the beer inside the arena is all for the people.

The new Brewster ice rink is made of a solid material, with its own internal temperature, humidity and air flow.

It also has a “soft-drink zone” to ensure there is no air-conditioning in the building.

It’s a huge step for the beer industry in Vancouver, and it’s also a huge boost to the city.

The first-of-its-kind rink has been designed with the goal of reducing noise and temperature by as much as 15 percent, said Brewster’s Mark Hutton.

He said it’s a significant step for a new arena.

“The only other building in the province that has an indoor facility with a soft-drinker zone is the BrewSTER,” he said.

“There’s a lot of other new projects that are going on, but the BrewSTOR is the first.

It’s the first in the Canadian capital region to have that.”

We think it will be a massive boost for the city and our residents, who are very loyal and are very passionate about sports.

In total, the project has been estimated at $1.6 billion.”

We are very excited about the impact this project will have on the region and our local economy,” it said.

In total, the project has been estimated at $1.6 billion.

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