By Lenny BernsteinThe Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 700 points as the Nasdaq Composite climbed more than 1,000.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose more over the past three months than the S&P 500 index, which had lost more than a quarter of its value since June.

The Dow’s rise came as the Dow’s DJIA, +0.02% price target for stocks was lowered to under 1,500 from 2,800.

The S&P 500 added about 1,300.

The Nasdaq added more than 600.

The Nasdaq rose as the S.&amp.

P. 500 gained.

The index’s index of global stocks rose 1.4% to 1,817.

The Russell 2000 index of stocks in North America climbed 0.4%.

The S&amps index of U.S. stocks gained 0.3%.

The Nasds index of the top 20 U.K. shares rose 0.2%.

The Russell 2000 gained 0% on the Nasds, and the Russell 2000 added 0.1%.

The Dow is up 9.7% this year.

The Indexes of Global Markets gained 0%.

The Indexes have a track record of gaining.

The last time the Dow rose more was during the 2008 financial crisis, when the Dow jumped 8.9%.

The U.k. stock market is the world’s biggest, and has been for years.

The U.s. stock markets have been rising since the financial crisis.The U

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