Posted March 12, 2019 11:05:53This is not a contest.

There are plenty of candidates in this category, and the one I’m thinking of is the one who can hit the 3-pointer.

This is not an easy category to pick out, but here are five of the best 3-point shooters of all time.1.

Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs1.2.

Michael Jordan, Los Angeles Lakers1.3.

Kobe Bryant, Los Los Angeles Kings1.4.

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers1.5.

Michael Cooper, Atlanta Hawks1.6.

John Stockton, Houston Rockets1.7.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Philadelphia 76ers1.8.

Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks1.9.

Kobe Grant, Chicago Bulls1.10.

Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves1.11.

Kobe Worthy, Milwaukee Bucks1.12.

Michael Olowokandi, Houston Spurs1.””

While the top five shooters have all hit a 3-footer, there are several who can go a little further in their career with a shot to the basket.

That’s where the real talent comes from, and that’s where we want to find the best shooters in the league.”- Kevin Pelton, ESPN Stats & Info”If we were to put a ranking of all the 3s shot attempts, the most consistent and reliable shooter in the game is Kevin Durant, who has averaged 20.5 shots per game.

And if we were only looking at 3-pointers made, then LeBron James is the next best shooter.

The only guy who could take a top spot would be LeBron James with his 33 3s, so he would be the guy to look out for.

The last guy we’d have to worry about would be Pau Gasol, who could average a lot of 3s and is a good shooter, but if he can hit more, he could also have an edge in the other categories.”- Mike Breen, ESPN The Magazine”In this category of shooters, there’s a lot to like.

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony are some of the most efficient shooters, and all three of them average at least 10 3-points per game in a season.

Kevin Durant is also one of the greatest shooters in league history.

But he’s also the only guy to average over 10 3s per game over the last four seasons.”- Rob Mahoney,”The 3-Point Shot Contest is always an interesting discussion.

We’re always looking for players who can take over a game in the paint with their defense and rebounding ability, but sometimes the best way to make a player a superstar is to put him in a position to score the first shot.”- David Thorpe, ESPN.comThere are plenty more worthy contenders than just Westbrook, Durant and Anthony, but there’s one guy who’s always been in the running: LeBron James.

James is averaging 15.4 3-pushes per game, the fourth-most among active players and is the only player in NBA history to average more than 30 3-rebounds per game and more than 10 3 rebounds.

The only question for the future is whether he’ll be able to keep up this incredible pace and continue to lead the league in 3-PUSHING.

If he can, James would become the third-leading scorer behind only Kevin Durant (33.5 PPG) and Kobe Bryant (33).

The other three guys in the top 10, meanwhile, are the following:Kevin Garnett (10.6), Carmelo Carmelo (10), Pau Gasole (10) and Shaquille O’Neal (10).

Garnett’s production might be the most telling, because he is arguably the most versatile player in basketball.

He has shown the ability to shoot it from anywhere on the floor, from 3-on-3 and from behind the arc.

And the reason he is so effective is because of his ability to use his body.

His quickness makes him difficult to guard, but when he gets to the rim, he has the quickness to defend the pick and roll, defend 3-guards and shoot 3s from beyond the arc, all while also being able to score from the outside.

Garnet, who will be 35 years old at the start of next season, could be an All-Star if he were to reach that mark in 2020-21.

He could be the player that has been waiting to become a superstar for a long time, if he could keep up his current pace.

James would have a good shot at becoming the first player in league annals to reach the 30-30 mark in 3s (if he can keep his scoring average at the same level), but if his current 3-rep streak continues, James could be a top-five scorer in the upcoming season.

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