The Indian sports scene is one of the most exciting in the world, and the Indian football has been the darling of the world for over two decades.

The country is the second-biggest footballing market in the World after the United States and the most populous, after China.

But what is most intriguing about the sport is that it is a multi-cultural and multi-religious one.

It is also a religion, as it is not exclusively Hindu and Muslim.

The sport has an estimated 150 million fans and an estimated 300 million fans in India.

The country’s national football association (NPFA) estimates the country has an average of 1.3 million fans watching the game on a regular basis.

And according to the World Bank, Indian football generates nearly $10 billion in revenue each year.

So what is it about football that has brought it to the world’s attention?

The answer lies in the sport’s unique combination of speed and grace, the game’s ability to create space and create space again, and its ability to exploit the human potential.

The speed of the gameThere is no doubt that the speed of football has always been a major driver of India’s growth and popularity.

In its early days, it was a fairly new sport that was relatively unknown to most of the population.

Its growth was fuelled by the promise of fast and exciting football.

Today, football is one the most popular sport in India, with the sport accounting for nearly 20% of all sporting events.

The game has also been able to draw more spectators to the sport than ever before.

In the past few decades, it has become increasingly popular and its popularity is still growing.

In 2010, it reached an average attendance of 9.3 lakh fans, a figure that has remained stable and consistent for the past four decades.

In 2012, India recorded its highest attendance for an event since 1983, when the Delhi Cup held in the capital saw over 2.3 crore people turn out.

The league, which was run by the state of Uttar Pradesh, also saw a huge spike in attendance.

The tournament has been regularly watched by an estimated 6.5 million people.

Football is also highly visible on social media, which has become an integral part of the Indian sports ecosystem.

There is a strong community of sports enthusiasts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which is a big part of its success.

The number of fans on social platforms is growing every day.

For example, the number of people on Facebook for the India vs England match reached 7.6 million in April.

The popularity of the match also helps the league’s organisers to reach out to fans of all religions.

The fast pace of the sport and the willingness of its fans to follow its game have created an unprecedented opportunity for the country.

A football match can be a game of football, but also a game about life, culture and spirituality.

This has created an extraordinary opportunity for Indian football.

As it was during the time of Raja Singh, who was the country’s first Indian Prime Minister, India’s football is now being hailed as a game for all.

This article first appeared in The Times Of India, the Indian edition of The Economist.

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