Why Japan’s military is the most efficient in the world

Japan has emerged as the world’s most efficient military.

The country’s military has a war-fighting capability far beyond its borders.

And despite the government’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of its armed forces, they have yet to fully catch up to other nations.

Japan’s military, which was established in 1868 to defend its empire from the rising Chinese, has long been considered among the worlds best.

Its armed forces have been hailed as the best in the developed world, a distinction that is shared by the United States and Australia.

But it has also been accused of being inefficient, of being unable to cope with its rising costs, and of relying too much on its own technology.

It also has been accused by human rights groups of being a repressive machine that is hamstrung by the government.

“This is a question of basic human rights,” said Nobuo Okamoto, a researcher at the International Center for Law and Security Studies in Tokyo.

Okamoto is the author of a recent report on Japan’s security forces.

The military is under pressure to rein in its military spending, with some experts arguing that the military’s modernization program is too costly and will be in danger of running out of money in a decade.

The military also has faced criticism from the United Nations for failing to hold accountable high-ranking officers who commit crimes, especially during the last decade of the war.

According to the United Nation’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Japan is one of the most repressive countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with at least 4,700 people being prosecuted for crimes such as racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

The U.N. Human Rights Council has also identified the country as one of Asia’s worst violators of human rights.

At the same time, Japan has the world s largest number of civilian workers and the largest number working in foreign embassies and consulates.

It has also managed to attract a significant number of foreign students, and the number of Japanese nationals working in the United Kingdom has soared in recent years.

But there are concerns that the countrys current approach to improving its military might not work as well as hoped.

As it struggles to modernize, Japan’s armed forces are also struggling to keep pace with its soaring military spending.

In 2010, Japan announced plans to spend $8 billion on the modernization of its military by 2020, but in November the government cut that figure by $1.6 billion, cutting it to $6.4 billion.

That is far below the spending required by international agreements on military spending and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The government said it would also be spending an additional $1 billion on modernizing its navy and air force.

Still, the new figures have not been enough to stem the tide of spending cuts and the country’s shrinking defense budget.

Last year, the defense ministry announced it was cutting the size of its defense force by 30 percent.

The ministry did not respond to a request for comment from AP.

Experts have pointed to other problems with Japan s military modernization program.

There are many challenges Japan faces in modernizing the military, including a shortage of personnel, money, and equipment, said Yasuhiko Yoshida, the military analyst at the Japan Institute for National Security Strategy in Tokyo, and a former defense minister.

Another problem is that Japan’s modernizing efforts are focused on an outdated, obsolete military, said Masato Fukada, a professor at Chuo University of Foreign Studies in Osaka, Japan.

Japan is also struggling with the high cost of its current military, he added.

Some analysts say the government has a responsibility to modernise its military, especially since it has been the target of many foreign attacks.

But Japan is not alone in its efforts to modernizing.

The United States is also working to moderniz e its military and has also announced a plan to modernizer its armed force.

The Pentagon plans to invest $400 billion over the next five years to modernizers its armed services.

A third challenge is the growing role of women in the military.

There are currently about 3,000 female members of the military and about 300 in the ranks of the Navy.

Fukada pointed out that Japan s armed forces do not have the manpower or the equipment to fully modernize.

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