It’s a question that has come up in forums, on Twitter, and on chat channels across the world as people talk about the girls they have met in the anime industry.

Are they hot?

Is it a fetish?

Is the answer really a yes?

We asked the girls themselves to answer those questions in this exclusive interview.

So, what are the girls’ hobbies?

How long have they been in the industry?

And what do they consider their favorite anime?

Continue reading for answers!


What are you up to right now?

My name is Haruka Matsubara and I’m the creator of Afk Arena Hentai.

I’m also a member of the Afk eSports Team and a member-turned-featured producer on the Afkshow, so I’m a very experienced caster.

How old are you?

I’m 25.

When did you start to watch anime?

I started watching anime when I was 14, but I stopped watching it at 16, when I started studying to become a video game producer.

My sister told me about anime when she was 14 and I was watching it like “Oh my god!”

When I started getting into anime, I became obsessed with it.

What’s your favorite anime now?

I’d say, it’s hard to pick, but my favorite anime to watch right now is Nana-san wa Someday, Tomorrow.

It’s really hard to describe the feeling that it brings.

I love seeing how the girls act.

What makes them look cute or sexy?

It depends on what’s happening in the game.

Sometimes they act like they’re being cute or the girls look really sexy when they’re really, really cute.

What do you think makes them so cute?

If I were to compare, I would say it comes down to their personality.

They’re the type of girls who are really open-minded.

When you’re playing a game with them, it feels like you can just chill and enjoy yourself.

The other girls, they’re a little more reserved, and they’re not so open-hearted.

I love watching them.

Is there any one particular thing that they’re the most into?

It’s something I think they’re more into than anything else.

I think that their personalities are really strong.

When I think about it, I think it’s because they’re like “It’s a game, it can’t be bad.”

I think the reason why they like it so much is because they like something that they like and that’s a cute thing.

Do you think that’s something that you and your friends will be interested in playing?

I would say yes.

The girls are into it.

Do they enjoy watching the videos?

Yes, they do!

Are they into playing as a spectator?

Yes, they are.

Do the girls watch the videos and watch the clips?

They do!

Do you guys watch the video together?

I don’t know if that’s the case, but if they’re watching the video in the same room, it makes them more comfortable.

What are your favorite scenes?

I think I’ve got a really good favorite scene in the AfK Arena Heptai series, and it’s actually from the AfKShow.

What was the idea behind it?

The girls would be playing against each other in a game against eachother, and one girl would have to have her own weapon that she would be using.

There’s a scene where the girls are using a different weapon to battle, and the girls were playing with each other.

In the video, the girls try to win the game, but they ended up losing because the weapon was too good.

They were like “What’s the big deal?

Let’s just keep playing.”

The other girl won, so they won and they were all happy.

Is it funny?

I have to say that, yes, it is.

Are you guys into watching the series?


It feels like a big deal.

Do there seem to be any differences in the girls you know in terms of how they act?

No, they seem to have a similar personality, and a lot of the time they seem really open to hearing about other things.

Are there any special characteristics that you guys are interested in?

I would have thought that they would be into gaming as well.

Do any of the girls have any special hobbies?

I guess the biggest one is that they enjoy music.

They love music.

It seems like a lot like anime.

I like music as well, and I like to hear it.

I guess there’s a special one, but it seems like it’s just because they are really into music.

Do I think those two things are related? No, I don

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