The average salary for a painter is $50,000.

That’s about $1,000 a day.

It’s not enough to live a life in a comfortable apartment with a mortgage and a car payment.

And it’s not good enough to get by in a world that is not so forgiving.

So why do some people choose to paint, and some don’t?

They do so for a variety of reasons, from the excitement of the work to the money, and the desire to be the first person to work on a project that could be of great value to someone.

But there’s also a sense of accomplishment that comes with the work.

Some of those who paint for a living consider painting to be an opportunity to make something tangible, something to be cherished.

And if you want to be a successful painter, you have to be creative, says Brian LeVine, an associate professor of art history at the University of Michigan.

LeVine has spent decades working with artists who have painted on a wide variety of projects, from opera and music to the World War II Memorial and the National Mall.

“I can think of few other occupations where people are willing to do that, that have the emotional impact of the art that they are doing,” LeVines says.

He points out that there is a stigma associated with painting.

“Art is seen as the worst occupation, the lowest form of work that can be considered art.”

The art world is a place of constant debate, with a wide range of opinions. “

And so you have this expectation that artists have to paint a lot of things that are ugly and unappealing and ugly to look at.”

The art world is a place of constant debate, with a wide range of opinions.

The perception that paint is the most dangerous occupation in the world is one that has come to be known as the ” paint-is-evil theory.”

But LeViner says that paints aren’t necessarily bad.

“The real question is, what are the real reasons that people paint?

I think the answer is very simple,” he said.

“They do it for the fun of it.”

LeVines studies the art of painting, but he also has a wide network of fellow artists who help him understand how the art world works and the motivations of people who choose to work in it.

He said that he learned so much from his friends and colleagues at the American Institute of Painting in New York.

“The thing that’s most surprising to me, and I think it’s very interesting, is that there’s a lot more to painting than just painting,” Levines said.

“It’s about creating and making things and having fun and being creative,” he continued.

“People want to paint.”

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